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    I have read the membership terms & conditions.

    I am happy to share my details with England Athletics.

    You should always check with a medical professional if you have any concerns about participating in running with regard to medical conditions.

    If I ask to join or use the sign up link for the Club WhatsApp groups I am aware that my phone number will be visible to all participants in the chat group. Joining the WhatsApp groups is optional.

    Please give the name, relationship and contact number of somebody we could contact in the event of an emergency.

    Please indicate how you heard about Epsom Oddballs.

    Are you a member of another Running Club?

    If yes, which club?

    The following types of membership are available:

    First Claim (£12)
    First Claim Additional Family Member (£7)
    Second Claim (£12) – you are already a member of another Running Club

    Half price membership fees available if buying kit on sign up.

    Please state which membership you are applying for:

    If applying for a First Claim Additional Family Membership, who is your primary family member paying full membership price?

    I would like an England Athletics subscripting (£19)

    I would like to order the following kit.

    If you have order kit, please specify what size you would like. (Female: 8,10, 12, 14) Male: S, M, L, XL). Other sizes available, please discuss with the kit secretary if required.

    After hitting the “Submit Your Form” button the information you have provided will be sent to our Membership Secretary. They will be in touch within the next few days to confirm payment due and how to make this payment.

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