Club Activities


The Club is a member of 3 leagues and Club teams regularly enter two relay races. All these races score “Bob Neville points” (see below). Some members also enter other County, Regional and National events. The Club gives awards for distances ranging from 5k to Marathon. We also organise some fun events replacing Tuesday training (see training tab) from time to time. There are also occasional social events.

We run in the following leagues:

MABAC – each of the 9 clubs in this league organise a race each year, mostly cross country and about 5 miles, with a shorter option. These races are free to Club members and every finisher scores at least some points for their club.

Surrey Cross Country Leagues – there are two leagues, one each for ladies and men, open to all clubs in Surrey. Each has four races over the winter, the ladies races are typically about 5k and the men’s 8k. The Club pays entry fees for these races.

Surrey Road League – there are 7 races a year ranging in distance from 5k to half marathon. These are all open races and Club members have to enter individually. There are separate leagues for ladies and men embedded in the same races.


Club teams enter the following races, with the Club paying entry fees.

Imber Court Relays – teams of 4 each running 1.6 miles, usually in June.

Nonsuch Relays – teams of 4 each running 1.87 miles, usually in July.

Bob Neville Points

Club members finishing any of the above races receive a “Bob Neville Point” irrespective of their performance. The three members that accumulate the most points during a year receive an award donated by Bob Neville, a founder member of the Club. This award is designed to encourage members of all abilities to represent the Club at these races.

Club awards

The Club gives awards for various distances to the member with the best age grade performance. Some of these awards are based on individual races and others on best performance over a number of races. Usually the races are:

5k: best Nonsuch parkrun in September.

10k: Ranelagh Richmond 10k, usually in June.

Half marathon: best performance in any half in the year.

Marathon: best performance in any marathon in the year.

Bob Neville: most Bob Neville Points in the year.

Fun events

Each year the Club organises a number of fun events for members, normally replacing Tuesday training. There is not a rigid list of events, but typically these may include:

Handicap League: 5k course with a staggered start, slowest runners starting first. 

Predict-a-time: You predict your time to run a known distance and the winner is the member whose actual time is closest to their prediction.

10k relay: Teams of two do 5 alternate 1k legs.